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‘The reason the success formula is considered a secret is that it remains an enigma. It seems that there are very few people who are willing to put forth the effort to get from where they are to where they want to be. Most make excuses and blame others for their own poor choices. The biggest secret to success is YOU. The formula is there for everyone to know-BUT, there’s a big difference in knowing what to do, and doing it.”

(Jeffrey Gitomer, author & speaker)

Let our clients speak for themselves:



Roofing Supplies Industry



 “In 2010, I first came across ActionCOACH. I was so impressed with the coach’s enthusiasm, knowledge and ideas that I took a gamble and immediately appointed her as my Business Coach. One of the biggest changes we’ve seen has been in the attitude of my team. As business owners we would all like to see every member of our respective teams have the same drive and enthusiasm for our businesses as we do. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case and I had certainly begun to feel my team had lost its drive.

Since then, my coach has helped me identify the issues that were holding my business back, put systems in place to address those issues, hugely improve team morale and, ultimately, to deliver significant improvements in what was already a successful business. ActionCOACH has been a fantastic asset to my business. I’m so pleased I took that gamble…because it actually turned out to be the safest bet! We have grown by 83% from the base of £5 million in less than 2 years with improved margins and systems and we have bigger plans for the future.”

Graham Hill, Managing Director – Business Financials of the Year (Finalist-2012, Winner-2011): ActionCOACH UK 


Recruitment Sector



“Our business was growing and I felt that we needed business management expertise to manage our transition into a larger company. Bringing in ActionCOACH has transformed our company beyond our expectations. We now have an in depth understanding of our profitability and have built a highly motivated team. We are in the process of releasing time for ourselves by creating powerful systems that work for us and our clients. Our revenues since we started coaching have shot up 82% and we have already revised our targets upwards. We have identified what we need to measure in the business and most importantly, how to measure it. We have grown in confidence – our whole ActionCOACH experience has been very positive and has allowed us to offer our clients differentiated quality and extremely high standards.”

Sharon Barrett-Brown & Valerie Joseph, Directors 


Construction Industry



“With the recession hitting, our turnover began to decline dramatically pushing it close to subsistence level. Being a family run business, we lacked discipline and professionalism. When we met our ActionCOACH we decided to bring in more discipline and rigour in our business. Along with our coach, we set our targets to move to the next level and also to have one common goal as a team. Earlier we were so busy working in the business… that we did not know better and did not have time to look at things differently. With our coach we started looking at each aspect of our business in depth and in a simple manner. We also analysed our gross margin%. Basically, every additional business was taking us closer to bankruptcy. We straight away set up a financial pricing model… resulting in a year end GM of 38% – that too in the construction sector in recessionary times!!! We not only retained all our clients but also had satisfied, happy clients.

We now review our tenders, conversion %, average tender value, number of projects from existing clients and obviously margins on each job. Tender tracking systems and discipline are paying us huge dividends as our business which was declining at the rate of 30% with 22% margin grew by 80.6% in exactly 12 months at 38% margin.”

Jon Hammersley, Director – Business Financials of the Year (Finalist, 2012): ActionCOACH UK


Security Industry



“Working with a coach has transformed almost every aspect of our business. On a fundamental level the most significant change has been in CLARITY LEVEL. Our business now has an immense amount of structure in it with well-defined job roles and procedures. This change in organisation design and culture has automatically started reflecting in our improved sales and profitability. We have also developed a laser like focus on our bottom line. We have reduced stock levels to release cash flow into the business. Overall, it is safe (in our security business style!) to say that ActionCOACH has touched and improved almost every aspect of our business and personal lives by bringing clarity and action in a disciplined manner.”

 Julian Korosec, Managing Director 


Health Sector



“My coach has lots of integrity and commitment. Meeting her and choosing to work with her was one of the biggest and quickest decisions we have ever made in our entire life. In fact, this is the best investment…the return is huge…it is difficult to put a value on that. Before coaching, we actually felt that we were in a job getting a miniscule salary and there was passivity in our actions/marketing….after coaching we have become proactive in our sales, marketing, team management and systems. We are growing in solid double digits (more than doubled our turnover during recession) and expanding our team. We have clarity on our vision, long term plan and purpose. Basically, we feel in control of exactly what is going on in our business.

Coaching has made a difference not only in our business but also in our personal lives. Even our children feel the difference in us and in our attitude!! My coach is worth every penny that we invest in her and more importantly, in our business!”

Tina and Peter Allton, Directors – Business of the Year 2012: ActionCOACH UK 


Recruitment Sector



“Reflecting on my decision of working with ActionCOACH, I remember having a small voice in my head saying ‘you don’t need anyone; you have managed pretty well so far on your own’. Although this was true I was constantly firefighting in my business. Now it is interesting to see how my coach is continuously helping me develop a capital P in my professional business.

Working with my business coach, I have developed a significantly clearer vision for my business. The way I do business is transforming with small and big changes that I am now proactively making. We are restructuring my business with defined goals and a fully functioning monitoring system. I have realized that the biggest change in my business has to come from me, and I’m confident that having an expert pair of eyes looking in from the outside on everything I’m doing will move me towards my goals.”

Steve Rogers, Managing Director – Entrepreneur of the Year 2012: ActionCOACH UK 


Music Sector – Retail



“First thing that my coach taught me was that what we focus on EXPANDS. As I reflect on why my business was struggling for so many years, it is crystal clear to me that one of the key issues was that I was constantly focusing on surviving and not on achieving stretched goals.

It all seems a little bit like a magic wand has been cast over our company when in reality common sense has prevailed. My coach has demonstrated to me that making consistent and intelligent changes can indeed make incredibly effective changes in business.

It has helped me be in complete control of every aspect of my business – financials, marketing, sales, recruitment processes and staff. Through the process of recognising where I want to go and working diligently towards that goal, I have discovered hope on the horizon instead of the agony of hopelessness before.”

Mark Law, Managing Director 


Floral Design Sector



“This has by far been the most interesting year of my career. Having grown quickly over the last few years I was slightly overextended when the recession hit and so I felt vulnerable. Today, not only is my business doing better overall, my confidence has multiplied manifold. My coach has been invaluable in coaching me to where I am today and I don’t think my business would have been doing as well without her. Thanks to the new systems I’m putting in place now, my control over the business has increased and I’m able to devote much more thought to the quality of my designs, resulting in delighted clients who keep coming back.”

Elizabeth Marsh, Managing Director – Business of the Year 2009: ActionCOACH London and SE 


Fashion Sector



“My coach had the most amazing influence on us and our business. A lot of business owners are far too involved in the day to day running of their operation to plan for the future. The ActionCOACH model breaks down the business principles in bite size chunks that allow business owners to take control of their business, measure how effective various areas of the business are and plan for the future. Before meeting ActionCOACH we felt a bit overwhelmed and lost as to how to take the business forward, but our coach gave us the confidence and tools to do just that.

My coach goes far beyond the realm of her role and is really passionate about the people and the business. I cannot recommend her enough.”

Diane LefeĢbure, General Manager


Furniture Supplies Sector



“I met ActionCOACH in July 2012. However, it seems I‘ve known my coach, Shweta, for ages.
I am not sure if I can describe her in few words. But what is coming to my mind is angel, a woman with a beautiful energy, great understanding and tolerance of the situation a company is in along with the people running it. She is a professional, demanding at work. My coach is very good at what she does (the awards she has won attest to that) and is surrounded by a great team, which supports her. She has good intuition which works nicely with her knowledge. My coach has gone through a rough time with me and my company. However, I am sure that we are going in the right direction now.

I have been running my company with my business partner for nearly 10 years. However, it was ActionCOACH who showed us how to do it properly and even in a recession be successful. Shweta has helped me to set my targets and work on them. I know I need more new clients. However, it happens that now even old clients stay in touch.
I am sure that our work together will let us to achieve our goals.

Michal Suszynski, Managing Director 


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